Our Mission

To be the Canadian leader in providing access and weather protective temporary roofing solutions to small and large construction projects to ensure work can be safely completed 365 days a year, on time and within our client’s budget.


With the dedication of our employees, WestCan Scaffolding Inc. provides the highest and most efficient product for our clients. In safety WestCan Scaffolding Inc. has three main objectives: maintain a safe working environment for our valued employees, our customers and the public.
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WestCan Scaffolding Inc. utilizes the Canadian and British standards to engineer all of our products to the highest quality. Our products has been proven in many occasions on projects that it has over exceeded industry standards and maintained customer satisfaction.
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With our team of professional certified scaffolders and management, WestCan Scaffolding Inc. has always met project deadlines. We are able to succeed in this by working closely with our clients in developing action plans and executing our plans on every project we undertake
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WestCan Scaffolding Inc.has a vast resource of knowledgeable and experienced engineers. Not only do we provide our own engineering for our projects, but we also provide engineering services to clients who wish to use their own scaffold assembly team. Our engineers can provide information and resources for our clients' needs or special requirements.


WestCan Scaffolding Inc. is the leader in innovative access solutions. The WestCan Scaffolding Inc. team has over 75 years of combined  industrial and engineered scaffold access experience in Vancouver, British Columbia, on projects ranging from special events to suspended bridge access, to challenging industrial access solutions.

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