About us

WestCan Scaffolding Inc. offers a complete range of access, protection, support and technical design services to the industrial and commercial sectors. Our engineering expertise enables us to react quickly and surpass the demands of the most challenging projects, offering services from process, to drawings, to calculations and risk assessment.

TempRoofingOur specialized temporary roof solutions provide massive span capability leading to exceptional weather protection in all aspects of site operations.

  • Specialist Customised Scaffolding
  • Systems Access Scaffolding
  • System Roofs and Weather Protection
  • Tube And Clamp/Fitting Scaffolding
  • Emergency Projects
  • Containment
  • Stair Towers
  • Shoring
  • Suspended Scaffolds


With the dedication of our employees, WestCan Scaffolding Inc. provides the highest and most efficient product for our clients. In safety WestCan Scaffolding Inc. has three main objectives: maintain a safe working environment for our valued employees, our customers and the public. It is WestCan Scaffolding Inc.‘s highest value to provide a healthy and safe working environment for our value employees in order to maintain our goal of Zero Incidents. We work diligently to ensure that our end product will also meet or over exceed industry standards, so that our clients can always rely on our product, when they need access to heights or weather containment. With the public always on our minds, WestCan Scaffolding Inc., in cooperation with our clients, will work to ensure that the public is always protected from our operation.


Westcan Scaffolding Inc. utilizes the Canadian and British standards to engineer all of our products to the highest quality and have maintained a high level of customer satisfaction. Our products have proven on many projects to over-exceeded industry standards. Westcan Scaffolding Inc. maintains a quality assurance program. All of our products have been rigorously inspected and tested by our team of engineers in order to maintain industry standards. All projects are completed by professional certified scaffolders, we believe their work and performance will speak for itself.


With our team of professional certified scaffolders and management, WestCan Scaffolding Inc. has always met project deadlines. We are able to succeed in this by working closely with our clients in developing action plans and executing our plans on every project we undertake. During any project, WestCan Scaffolding Inc. regularly evaluates the efficiency of the work and schedule. At the end of every project, WestCan Scaffolding Inc. in collaboration with management will review the evaluation and correct any deficiencies to ensure continuous improvement on our services.


Our diverse engineering team, have extensive knowledge and experience in designing scaffold solutions for the commercial and industrial sector for Westcan Scaffolding Inc. Each project begins with the discussion with our engineering team, management and client in creating what is required for the project. Our engineer products have been proven and tested in many projects to be effective weather containment and durability in harsh environment conditions.

Our Standards

WestCan Scaffolding Inc. has adopted many industry standards in order to maintain our quality assurance program. We are currently developing our engineered drawings with the following:

  • Canadian Standards Association
  • TG20:13
  • NASC


WestCan Scaffolding Inc. has a vast resource of knowledgeable and experienced engineers. Not only do we provide our own engineering for our projects, but we also provide engineering services to clients who wish to use their own scaffold assembly team. Our engineers can provide information and resources tailored to our clients’ needs or special requirements.